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Valley Christian Center + Lifewater

Healthy Homes, Healthy Schools and Healthy Communities

Lifewater International (LI) is excited to launch a new program to serve tens of thousands of vulnerable children and families in the Ratanakiri district of Cambodia. Implementing Lifewater's Vision of a Healthy Village (VHV), Lifewater national staff will live and walk alongside community members in overcoming all forms of water poverty. Lifewater’s VHV approach engages all local community actors to bring about lasting transformation in health, water access, and well-being of the most vulnerable. 

Lifewater believes that communities can be healthy — that they can be free from the trappings of water-borne diseases — and that this can only be done through transformation of communities at all levels. In healthy communities, there are WASH transformations in all segments of society, from government to schools to churches to households to individuals. WASH transformation requires change and commitment from all actors. What one person does, impacts another. These transformations are both in infrastructure (hardware) as well as in behaviors (software), as both are required for a health impact. Although these changes are not enough to heal every aspect of health in a family or community, they have the ability to transform the health of a community by setting a new baseline of health. Kids will live longer, healthier lives and stay in school. Moms will have healthy families and spend less time gathering water. Families will be healthier and spend less money on healthcare. Water committees will help make water points sustainable. Households and communities will learn how they can transform their own lives by experiencing the impact of small changes and working together for lasting differences. Woven throughout Lifewater is the centrality of Christ in who we are as people and as a community. This work is about God’s deep love for all of us.

A team of 3 qualified volunteers from Valley Christian Center will travel with 1 Lifewater staff member to Ratanakiri, Cambodia a to train LI Ratanakiri staff in Lifewater's Healthy Homes, Healthy Schools, and Healthy Communities guidebooks - the foundational elements for launching our Vision of a Healthy Village program. You will also travel to Lifewater's existing program in Svay Leu and see the VHV in action as you take part in God's redemptive work in Cambodia. 

NOTE: The estimated trip cost DOES NOT include international airfare which is estimated at $1800. Individuals will purchase airfare on their own.  All on the ground costs such as lodging, food, and transportation are included in the estimated trip cost of ($1000). 

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Form Description Due Date Required?
Emergency Contact Form Please complete this emergency contact form and email to [email protected] or mail to Lifewater at PO Box 3131 San Luis Obispo, CA 93401. Required
Trip Preparation Form Please sign and complete and refer to the Trip Preparation Policy.

Email to [email protected] or Lifewater ATTN: Trips PO Box 3131 San Luis Obispo, CA 93403
Trip Preparation Policy Please refer to the Trip Preparation Policy when completing your Trip Preparation Form.
Trip Funds Policy Please refer to the Trip Funds Policy when completing the Trip Preparation Form
Trip Packing List Listed here is a recommended packing list. Volunteers are asked to pack very light and limit their luggage to no more than 40lbs.

Lifewater recommends traveling with carryon luggage only.
Trip Insurance Overview Lifewater purchases emergency travel insurance for all volunteers. Please review the overview document.
Health and Medical Information Please complete the attached Health and Medical Information and return to Julie Waechter at [email protected] or mail to Lifewater Attn: Trips PO Box 3131 San Luis Obispo, CA 93403. Required
Assumption of Risk and Liability Release Form Please complete this Assumption of Risk and Liability Release Form and email to [email protected] or mail to Lifewater at PO Box 3131 San Luis Obispo, CA 93401. Required
Team Member Trip Report This form is to be completed within 2 weeks of your return. Kindly email this report to Julie Waechter ([email protected]) Required
What to Expect Please review and sign this form and send it back to Lifewater. [email protected] Required
Child Protection Policy Please review and sign this form and send it back to Lifewater. [email protected] Required
  1. You must have completed Lifewater's Healthy Homes, Healthy Communities, and Healthy Schools training
  1. Facilitation
  1. You must be in good physical health and able to travel to rural parts of Asia.
  2. This trip is eligible only to Valley Christian Center church members.

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